Ayurveda is a medical science of life.Ayurvedic treatment is based on herbal medicines,pathya-apathya,yoga.

              Dosh,dhatu,mala are three basic principles of ayurveda.Vata-pitta-kapha are three doshas,rasa-rakta-mamsa-
meda-asthi-majja-shukra are seven dhatus and mala-mutra-sweda are three malas.Our prakriti and vikriti are depend on that principles.The Equilibrium of dosha-dhatu-mala in body is known as health and opposite to that is known as disease.



              Shaman(suppression) and shodhan(purification) are two important chikitsas.According to dosha[causative factor],deshya[native place], bala[power], kala[time], agni[digestive power], prakriti[physical constitution], vaya[age], satva[quality of mind], satmya[suitability], aahar[diet] chikitsa should be done.

               In shaman chikitsa medicines which are prepared from herbs are given to treat diseases.These herbal medicines are prepared in the form of churna[powder], vati[tablet] ,kadha[decoction] etc. According to charak,with the help of samyog[combination], viyog[separation], kala[time], samskar[impression], yukti[idea] herbal medicines should be prepared.but are given in proper quantity and time for best result in diseases.



Anupan :

Anupan is very important in ayurvedic treatment. It helps to increase the quality of herbal medicines.so, it is given with or after herbal medicines.Madhu, ghee etc. are anupanas.


According to sushrut,shalyakarmas,agnikarmas,ksharkarmas etc. are other chikitsas which are done by shastras.

Importance of Ayurveda
  • It is a curative treatment without side effects.
  • Ayurveda helps to promote health,cure diseases,and increase immunity.